Project Description

Port Alfred Ndlambe Region, Mass Sterilisation Campaign

Thank you all for a great project! 151 steris 2.5 days! Thank you for once again making this all possible. Exhausted team, but hundreds of thousands of unwanted pups and kittens prevented, owners educated in pet responsibility and rabies prevented in this rural region.

We always strive to help those who don’t have access to veterinary care. Logistics becomes expensive and often complicated. These animals are fetched from rural villages (no house number or street names….the 2nd house on the 3rd greener hill – with the drought more brown, on your right but my left situation)…. huge THANK YOU to SPCA Port Alfred and Ndambe District for supplying a roof under which we can operate ( as blessed rain has poured down last night) as well as fetching the animals during the last week, kennelling them, ensuring they are healthy enough for us to start surgery. a Few 3h30am starts and exhausted after the 15hr trip, but spirits high as we started the surgeries at sunrise!

All-in-all, our Port Alfred Region project was a huge success, thanks to all the partners involved! A special thank you to Dirkie Luus for a roof over our team’s head, Spar Rosehill, Pick N Pay Heritage, JJ’s Butchery and Country Meat Market and a special treat from Royal St Andrews ( thanks Wessel Benson and team)! All the snacks and meals help to keep our team going ( as once we start we dont take breaks!) and to keep our energies up – much appreciated! Great to see a community supporting and determined to uplift their own! Very proud!