Project Description

Mass Rabies Vaccination, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Dealing with, amongst other stressors, an unstable Zimbabwe rioting and striking at the start of our State Vet partnership project to vaccinate 3000 animals.
Thank you Alex, Nathan and Bob for your amazing contribution and support. Dr Dube, Gilbert and other state officials for showing up when the rest of the country is on strike. Claire Blackmore…(Aka Iron Lady with a heart and passion that you will struggle to find in this world.) you are the silent hero. If people only knew what you had to endure, just to save others from dying of rabies! Thank you for your amazing passion for the cause and respect for human and animal alike. We are proud and grateful to have you on our team. You never want to take credit for what you achieve, but we are proud to let the world know that your hands have saved thousands from Rabies deaths and soothed many pains. You are a true hero in our eyes.

We have travelled to the most rural settlements in this vast district, to reach animals that would otherwise not receive attention.We have seen such a variety of animals from ones in fantastic condition to ones that are just managing to survive. This is why these projects are so vital, not only can we provide vaccinations and wound and parasite treatments but we can educate…and education is the key to change for these animals…once again THANK YOU Bob Mandinyenya AND Trust Mandinyenya for all your help. Alex and Nathan for your amazing support. PennyWise Cottages Vic Falls for assisting us with accommodation and Claire Blackmore for her