Project Description

Eastern Cape Mass Sterilisation

Thanks to CVSSA team and Port Alfred and Ndlambe District SPCA staff. Words can not describe. 322 sterilisations, 6 days, 6 sunsrises and awesome sunsets witnessed daily. 10 hours flat out surgery per day in 5 degrees cold and wind in South Africa’s most beautiful rural Eastern Cape. Poorest in money, but richest in friendly, warm hearted people. Hats off to each and every one of you for enduring back spasms, knees cracking, finger cramps, dog bites and long drop toilets for a week. Team Work …. Passion … Dedication …. Compassion ……. Integrity … Pride …THANK YOU. Respect to our Impekweni King and tribal leaders for encouraging their villagers to use this opportunity to control animal populations. THANK YOU to every individual supporter and our main sponsor, Welttierschutzgesellschaft. e.V for making it all possible!